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Creative Expressions

  • Nail Polish – $10
    Add a pop of color to your dog’s nails with pet-safe nail polish.
  • Pet Hair Dye – Prices start at $25
    A permanent dog hair dye which is bright, fashionable and unique colors last for 8 washes for long lasting pet grooming. Let your pets stand out from the rest! Results may vary with coat type and breed. Completely non-toxic and gentle on pet’s coat! Cannot be used on dogs under 6 months or cats.
  • Stenciling – Starts at $10
    Stenciling is a creative grooming service that features decorative stencils to create a fun way to involve your pet in a special occasion or holiday.
  • Feather Extension – $5
    Add a pop of color to your pet’s look with handmade arrangements of natural feathers.